Busted! Don’t Believe This Home Improvement Myth!

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Looking back, one sector that has changed immensely in the world is the housing industry. From being contemporary in the layout and interiors but traditional in equipment and machinery, today, the new-age homes have everything from smart control air conditioners, LED lights, energy-efficient, high-end appliances, etc. This shift has brought with it the emergence of smart homes, a home automation system that uses internet-connected devices to control various appliances like lights, security cameras, entertainment systems, etc., by using a mobile or other networked devices.

But, as these smart homes are relatively new territory, many people have misconceptions about what they are and why they exist. To help you steer clear of misinformation, Vick Audio Video has debunked one of the most widely believed myths about home improvement.

Myth: Smart homes are for rich people

Truth: Contrary to the belief that all smart homes are expensive and only for rich people, in reality, they are as costly as you would want them to be. For instance, if a person is looking for a custom build design with only connected devices, the cost will undoubtedly be steep. However, if they decide to upgrade step-by-step, then the value will vary. So, if you are a novice and want to step into the world of smart houses, then a good starting point is to purchase and install a smart switch. You’ll then have the makings of hands-free control at a very reasonable price. After you laid the foundation of your smart home ecosystem, you can still upgrade and expand the home automation systems in your house at any time. You really won’t be spending much on a connected home.

Smart homes are no longer the domain of the rich and wealthy, and now you can create yours at a fraction of what it cost previously. In fact, smart home systems can add real value in terms of energy savings and property worth. This technology has something for every house. Best of all, we offer these products and their installations within different budgets.

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